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COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Schedule Updates

We trust God. We want to be obedient. As excited as we are for the April Expedition, we are just as, or even more excited for where He is going to take us after this.  

  • Expedition #7 - Schedule Change

In light of the situation with responding to COVID-19, and in an abundance of caution for the men and their families, we are going to postpone Expedition #7, originally scheduled for 16-19 April. As soon as the COVID-19 response ends, we will thoughtfully and prayerfully rescheduling the expedition. We want to be prudent, cautious and obedient.  

  • Waterboyz Tables Going Virtual

If you aren’t already connected to a fellowship of men join us at a virtual table. It’s important, especially in these times of social distancing and enforced stay-at-home, that we do everything we can to stay connected to fellow warriors. The times and Zoom links are available here: You can use Zoom for free from your phone or computer. Please do not self-isolate yourself completely. Stay connected. Reach out to us on our website even if you just need to talk (via phone or text) to someone.

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