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“Run and you'll live, at least a while. And dying in your beds many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance to come back and tell our enemy that he may take our lives, but he'll never take our freedom!”


Do you want to live as a free man? Do you want to have

epic adventures? 


Then join us !!

100 MAN 

Imagine joining a choir with 100 men… most of them can’t sing… then showing up at Keys Stadium & standing before thousands and singing at the top of your lungs… "listen God is mustering an army…"

 Isaiah 10:4

The Waterboyz for Jesus are calling ALL men to be ready to STAND TOGETHER and raise our voices as a BATTLE CRY for our own hearts, our wives,

and our children. 



The Waterboyz for Jesus have never let finances stand in our way! 


If God invites us into an adventure of serving the invisible and forgotten… Then we say YES! and there's always been enough… 


Is God inviting you to be part of the next miracle? 



Service with a testimony, stand ready with a towel over or arm to step into those stories that make a difference… Why? 


Because we’ve been so radically loved by God, we just can’t help ourselves but to love .

Use your gifts, talents, and time to help

someone in need


We are ordinary men on an EPIC adventure with God!

We are felons and Boy Scouts, some have a GED and others a PhD.  We are homeless and we live in suburbia. We are single, divorced, and happily married. We just lost our job and we own businesses. We are are ordinary men on a journey together, discovering how to live an overflowing life of joy, gratitude, purpose and meaning.


Do you have a band of brothers or are you doing life on your own? 


What if it were possible to have a conversation with the God of the universe, and then have a circle of friends about it? 


Find a table of men on the same journey as you… Give it three weeks… we’ll buy you a meal the first time you come… if life doesn’t make more sense after three weeks then stop coming… 


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