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She called in tears.

She had outlived all of her support,

the HOA was telling her that if she doesn’t fix some things around her house,

they were going to fine her and put a lien on the property.

She lay awake at night, crying and wondering if there was anywhere to turn.


There are so many going through the same painful experience in our community.

Foster care families

Special needs families

Single parents

And the agent who is simply have no one to call… 


Service with a testimony, stand ready with a towel over or arm to step into those stories that make a difference… Why? 


Because we’ve been so radically loved by God,

we just can’t help ourselves but to love. 



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Let's impact our community for Jesus! Sign up to learn more about joining a S.W.A.T. (Serving With A Testimony) Team. Use your gifts, talents, and time to help someone in need in practical ways once a month, quarterly, or once a year.

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