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10 MAN TABLES – Because it is so easy to drift away from our walk with God, we choose to meet for one hour once a week being sure to start and end on time. Our 10 MEN Tables follow a simple format that calls us into a deeper relationship with Jesus and each other. We have tables that meet throughout the area, at different times and places, allowing every man to find a table that will meet his individual schedule. 

At these weekly meetings every table works with the same chapter in the Bible using the S.O.A.P. technique. Each man reads a few verses aloud while we each prayerfully look for the verse in the chapter that God is speaking directly to us. We then explore the S.O.A.P. of that verse by all writing out the following…

SOAP Worksheet Template

  • S – Scripture – Write out the verse that God spoke to you.

  • O – Observation – What caused you to select this verse?

  • A – Action – How is God asking you to apply this verse to your life?

  • P – Prayer – Write a prayer that agrees with what God spoke to you.

Each man then takes a minute to share what he just wrote out on the S.O.A.P sheet.

GOD QUESTION – The table leader will also pray about a question God wants to ask the group. Each man is given a minute or two to truthfully respond.

SCRIPTURE MEMORY – We are also given a scripture verse each week to memorize with the goal of writing 52 verses each year onto our hearts.

PHONE NUMBER EXCHANGE – Each man writes his name and phone number on the memory verse slip before exchanging them.  During the week he will call his man and have a short conversation, creating accountability, friendship, and community.

10 Man Table - Study Guides

Dec 17

Week Of:

Memory Verse

Luke 1

Luke 2:11

Dec 24

Week Of:

Memory Verse

Luke 2

Luke 2:10

Jan 1

Week Of:

Memory Verse

Acts 1

1 John 2:15-16

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