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The Waterboyz for Jesus sponsor many Community Outreach Projects throughout the year to help serve our community and paint a picture of who Jesus is through our actions to help others.  These events are opportunities for each of us to take the talents and resources our Father has blessed us with and to give back to those in our community who are going through a tough stretch.

We are in need of anyone who has the desire to want to Plug-In and get connected with a team of dedicated Christians who's mission is simply to serve.  Oh, the blessings that are received, by far, outweigh the cost.  I can envision our Lord and our King smiling down upon us as we become the hands and feet of Jesus and share the Love he has shown to us to those in our community.


Here is where we will post these opportunities as they arise so stop by often to see whats coming up!



Serving Frederick 2019 Video

Serving Frederick 2019 Video

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